Plastic Torso

plastic torso mannequins are a great help when displaying clothing in your retail stores. If you want to draw attention to a specific product, then sometimes it’s better to use a specific body part rather than a full mannequin.  We’ve got a variety of body parts represented, including torsos, legs, body forms, heads, and feet.

Torsos and Bodyforms help the customers to understand what would look good on them.

The customer might not understand how a particular bag would look with a particular dress or for that matter which fashion jewelry would add elegance to a particular outfit. The retailer must smartly decide the entire look of the mannequin.

Smarika went to buy a nice dress for her office party. The mannequin wearing a blue dress at a retail store immediately caught her attention and she decided to buy it. The retailer had sensibly also added a blue neck piece and a trendy clutch to the mannequin for the complete look.

Smarika was not very sure what she wanted to wear along with the dress. The moment she saw the mannequin she knew what would look good on her. Not only did she purchase the dress but also the neck piece along with the clutch. An example of upselling. Sometimes you can’t decide what all would look good on you; a mannequin helps you decide the same.

We also develop customized Mannequins, Body Form, and Statue as per buyer’s requirement. For more details kindly Contact Us or Visit Us.